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Kamay Project 

Hello all,

            I am writing on behalf of my wonderful family members about a project that we believe will make an impact and carry on long after we finish. My family and I  (a group of sixty) have been presented with the unique opportunity to travel to our home country of the Philippines this coming December to assist with the Kamay Project. 

The Kamay Project is a service project created by the Global Changers for Christ and University of Santo Tomas Medical Alumni Association. This project is aimed at helping the Ati, a sect of people in the Philippines. The Ati people are the indigenous tribe of the Boracay Island located in the Philippines. Unfortunately, they have been discriminated against and displaced due to their lack of education and skin color. Although Boracay is tourist hub, any profit or benefit has not been sent towards the Ati people.

This is no ordinary excursion as my family and I are embarking to donate our time, resources, and skills to help a people and do a job not many would like to contribute to. Our mission is to lend a hand with the Global Changers of Christ to meet and serve the needs of the Ati people whether that be medical, dental, or educational. We will be providing free medical clinics for the children and families in the area and also assisting in prepping the Mission of Love Integrated School, for the upcoming year. We also hope to bring basic supplies for the Ati people, and build relationships within the local community. However, our endeavors will not be achievable without resources from outside of our own family. We ask that you consider donating any amount of money large or small, and positive thoughts and prayers as we are starting to fundraise and plan for this important mission.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our trip and for any support you may choose to give!


Nikki Villarosa and family. 

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