A Call to Action

As a result of circumstances affecting Boracay and the Ati Village, a call for further assistance to from our family to the village goes out......


I am hoping this finds everyone in good health and enjoying happiness in life!


As you all have probably read/heard by now, the island of Boracay will be entering into an extremely difficult 6-month period starting April 22nd.

Due to over-building, excessive tourism and limited infrastructure, the island has become what the President of the Philippines has called a “cesspool”.

Without regards to the effect on the permanent residents of the island, he has initiated a full “tourism travel ban” until October 22nd.

No tourists will be allowed to visit the island during that time!


Of course, with the economy of the island 95% dependent on tourists to support it, the financial effect on the people of Boracay will be devastating.

No tourists=no need for waiters or cleaning staff or D-Mall vendors or catamaran deck-hands, etc=no income for them or their families.

And unfortunately the people being hurt the most are the working poor and those most in need of constant support- especially our friends at the Ati village.


When we last left the Philippines we spoke about doing something to continue helping the Ati villagers, especially the children and specifically to keep them in school.

Well, the crisis is now hitting home.

The good news-more Ati children than ever are going to our school and staying there longer.

The bad news-most cannot afford to pay the tuition or cover the costs of books or uniforms, and the school is going further and further into deficit.


Our goal was to help them achieve the next level of development as a civilization-this begins with education, and now is when we need to step up.

Attached is a list of Ati children attending Sister Marissa’s school (and those from Grades 7-12 attending the local public high school).

The cost per child at our school comes to approx. $475 per student/per year.

We have 43 students in our school so that comes to 43 x $475=$20,425

There are 32 students in high school, and although a public school, the cost of  books, transportation, facility fees, etc comes to approx. $200 per student/per year.

This comes to 32 x $200= $6400

Total needed to support the Ati children’s education for a year= $27,000


The school year starts the beginning of June-

We have access to a charitable donation matching program (thru Ricci, again), but now only allowing a maximum of $4000 in matching funds-

We have committed the first $4000, which will bring our initial total (when matched) to $8000.


We need commitments and a game plan and a time/action calendar to try and raise the balance $19,000.

Who is ready to sponsor a child (or 2 or 3) for a year?

Money is needed at the beginning of and all throughout the school year.

They will be grateful for any type of sponsorship.

Any additional suggestions on how to go about raising  funds please share so we can all begin the process.

(Please forward this to all family members/family friends who did NOT go on our trip who you feel would be interested in helping the cause.)



Anxious to hear back from everyone!

Gracie and Marvin

vina mogg